No shoes, no equipment and no excuses

Whatever you can do today makes you less afraid of getting old. This is your retirement prevention.  Your time is NOW.

  • Do you want to Lose weight?
  • Feel better in summer Walk around with more confidence than ever before.
  • Change your habits for a powerful and strong life.
  • Feel better and better after each workout.

Then you are in the right place!


As your virtual personal trainer I will help you find the right exercises, get started and stay motivated.

How we work

You sign up for a 4 or 12 weeks course. We plan a live online training. This is where I can scan your body and your level of fitness and we discuss your areas of attention. I also explain how to do the exercises correctly and I correct you – if needed, via the camera of your phone, tablet or laptop! After this, you will find your personal training plan and the training videos I’ll create for you in the ‘Trainerize’ app.

You train whenever it suits you, wherever you want.

After every training you let me know what you liked or did not like, if you had any problems, pains or other things you need to tell me. That way I can keep tailoring the program to your needs.


Esther Jacobs

Training with Bob has changed my life! As a digital nomad I travel all over the world. I don’t stay in places long enough to join a gym and I don’t always have the motivation to work out by myself. With Bob, there are no excuses: no matter where I am. Esther Jacobs, international speaker and author, www.estherjacobs.info

Roseanna v. Keisenberg

Since I’m training with Bob „Aerohfit“ I just know what I have to do. I know why and how I do certain exercises. This makes me so confident in my daily routine.Thank god I met this awesome guy.


Personal Fitness Trainer & Chef

Great that you are here! You now take full responsibility for a fantastic, healthy and happy life that you will love. Movement and motivation have been my priorities since my early childhood, mentally and physically.

„I’m from Berlin and we usually say pretty much what we think: so dare and finally stop finding excuses!“

Advantages of the online program:

  • Exercise everywhere and at your own paste
  • Without equipment- train with your own body weight
  • Change your everyday life
  • Time savings: more time for you and your family
  • Do something just for you
  • No driving to the gym
  • We want to inspire and encourage you to break new ground. It is never too late.

you’re worth it

Please contact me here

Mail: fit@aerohfit.com

Facebook: Bob Aerohfit


The beginning is half of the whole“ (Aristoteles)

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